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“@todd_harrison Honesty, authenticity and quality (not pretty packaging).”

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RT @hirshjain: Op ed from @RevCharlesBoyer, friend of @CoryBooker. 02 Nov 2022 10:34:50Advertising on Twitter can be a great way to reach a large audience of potential customers. With so many engaged users, Twitter provides businesses with the opportunity to target their desired audiences and share their message in an effecti...Here’s the story of a man named Brady, who starred in one of the best sitcoms of all time. Okay, that’s not exactly how the theme song goes, but you get the idea. You probably even tried to read the words in tune to the song.Brady Cobb, a cannabis entrepreneur who cofounded Florida cannabis operator Bluma Wellness and sold it to Chicago-based Cresco for $213 million in April, says companies are engaged in a price war ...

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23 ก.พ. 2562 ... ... Brady Bunch”) and Rob Lowe. Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson “liked” a tweet in which Cobb posted a photo from a scene in the 1988 ...

In October 2022, during the whole Elon Musk debacle, I finally deleted Twitter from my phone. Around the same time, I also logged out of… · 8 min read · Apr 1901 Mar 2023 19:14:49“Slightly better than the discussion draft. The real positive (outside of a legalization bill finally being filed in the Senate) is that some of the provisions can/will be used in other leg efforts alongside Safe. Aka, the active period is officially active. Hearing next week…”DEA Says Becoming An Instagram Influencer And Playing Video Games Can Give You A 'Natural High' So You Stay Away From Drugs: "Do you want to take a little escape from reality altogether?"“@msauerbach @grahamfarrar @connectwithAB @SinStock Michael—love you buddy but unless/until you actually operate a premium cannabis grow you should check yourself a little bit. Real flower/concentrates is less to do with geography and more to do with genetics, the grow team and managements commitment to honoring the plant, imho.”

Brady Cobb is CEO/Founder at Bluma Wellness Inc. See Brady Cobb's compensation, career history, education, & memberships.

Dems agreed to remove federal permitting language (Manchin priority) and they allowed language repealing the vaccine mandate for the military to remain in the NDAA, 2 wins for R’s, and pulled back Safe, in exchange for (insert suspense)….

4 เม.ย. 2564 ... ... Brady Cobb, CEO of Bluma Wellness and its subsidiary, One Plant. The ... Subscribe Today Newsletters Mobile Apps Facebook Twitter eNewspaper ...RT @RandPaul: I'm proud to support bipartisan legislation like the #SAFEBankingAct. The SAFE Act is crucial legislation that allows legal cannabis businesses to access financial services.RT @kylejaeger: TODAY: @RepPerlmutter makes the case for including #SAFEBanking in the NDAA during Rules Committee meeting. He also reveals that the cannabis banking reform would save taxpayer dollars, according to a new CBO opinion.“@stock_mj Part political inaction, but part getting too big too fast and ill advised M&A imho”Toddler dead after finding loaded gun in Cobb apartment, shooting himself in the head Tom Brady hired by Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines Suspect accused of smashing G-Wagon into 30 cars has spent ...@SinStock @chartsombus @RepNancyMace Also focused on sector volume 18 Nov 2021

Apr 1, 2022 · “As expected, MORE Act passed the House on pure party lines. Now, we move to CAOA in mid April, followed by what I believe will be a pivot to Safe between May-July as part of Competes Act or another vehicle. Onward #legalizeit” Log in. Sign up @MandyCobb adlı kişiden gelen son Tweet'lerSee new Tweets. Conversation23 ก.พ. 2562 ... ... Brady Bunch”) and Rob Lowe. Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson “liked” a tweet in which Cobb posted a photo from a scene in the 1988 ...Here’s the story of a man named Brady, who starred in one of the best sitcoms of all time. Okay, that’s not exactly how the theme song goes, but you get the idea. You probably even tried to read the words in tune to the song.

About Brady Cobb Selling weed is in Brady Cobb's blood. Using shrimp boats and a suntan lotion company as a cover, his father, Bill Cobb, ran one of the country's largest pot smuggling...We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

“@stock_mj @todd_harrison @weldon_angelos @JSchultz44 @JoeBiden The lack of action thus far has been disappointing, but this is the first step forward. Take the W and keep moving, focus on the path ahead.”Schedule. Standings. Stats. Teams. Depth Charts. Daily Lines. More. Former Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb has signed with the Jets, the team announced on Wednesday.Florida recreational marijuana by the numbers: Economists see green in possible amendmentAlso worth noting that Dems agreed to strip the federal permitting language (Manchin priority) from the NDAA. What they get in return remains to be seen, with Safe being called a “priority” earlier this afternoon.13 พ.ค. 2558 ... Twitter · YouTube · Instagram · site-logo · 57° Cloudy. Jasper, IN (47546). Today. Cloudy ... Groomsmen were Brady Cobb of Anderson and Allen ...See new Tweets. Conversation

Apr 4, 2022 · “@NickBurwell1 @msauerbach Nope, try again. I’ve been advocating for descheduling (removal of cannabis from any schedule of the CSA) and vesting of regulatory authority with a state’s cannabis authority as each state sees fit, aka the States Reform Act. Aim higher”

“@natsfert I spoke with Majority Leader Schumer’s staff and Wyden and Bookers staff last Monday, still confident SAFE will get its day in the Senate (sooner than the bears are projecting). Lots of posturing (aimed more at the progressive left than the right) to come, stay tuned”

Oct 27, 2022 · “@EstimatedProp13 @yongecity A non binding memo that can be rescinded accomplishes almost nothing. And that’s actually funny on the CAOA comparison. Go burn one and stop being so #triggered” The latest tweets from @the_bradycobbTiming is correct based upon my intel. Onward. 07 Jun 2023 16:24:25The latest tweets from @GarryCobbNice piece from Morgan Paxhia on the potential for SAFE Banking passing and other recent cannabis news. He co-manages the Poseidon Dynamic Cannabis ETF...“@aaronvalue @stock_mj Nothing but respect for CA and it’s growers and culture, they have all blazed the trail (along with CO, OR, WA) but it would be a mistake imho to ignore the east coast and what it can/is producing. Regionality/hyper local matters imho. Take care”Log in. Sign upSee new Tweets. ConversationWe would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

1/2-Big news from @GTIGrows and @Bkov9 on the Circle K partnership. I have consistently said that too much cannabis specific retail prove to be problematic when US retailers enter the game.RT @dmoses34: as bearish & prepared as we were at FrontPoint in 2006 we were shocked at the depths/reach/contagion of the financial crisis; not nearly as shocked as the regulators/govt but shocked how little they understood about the leverage in the system and how caught off guard they were 2/"1 of 2--Today, it's time for me to pass this torch to the @crescolabs team. For 6 months, I've had the chance to work with the Cresco team to craft a successful plan for Florida, and I know that they are going to become a leading player in this market. (see below)"CBS Sports has the latest NFL Football news, live scores, player stats, standings, fantasy games, and projections.Instagram:https://instagram. supervisory training programsosrs rannar seedcraigslist rv for sale by owner near st petersburg flmuaricio RT @todd_harrison: *AYR WELLNESS TO BUY OWNER OF LEVIA CANNABIS INFUSED SELTZERS Earn-out Payment of Up to Additional $40M Paid in Shrs Based on Rev Targets in 2022 ...RT @donmurphy12a: Here’s another reason to be bullish on #SAFEBanking in the House. A former banker (and SAFE supporter) @RepFrenchHill is a subcommittee chair in the @FinancialCmte where SAFE will be heard after it passes the Senate. solenoidal fieldkhon2 facebook 1/2Yeah, Safe died again. Haven’t fully processed it, but it hurts. A lot of people worked really hard to make this happen, and while the near misses hurt it’s a part of the process.“@lancefinlinson Safe never included specific language that provided safe harbor to US Exchanges so this isn’t news by any stretch. As I’ve repeatedly said, it will be the updated FINCEN guidance on AML and MRB that will determine whether 🇺🇸 cannabis companies can list on US exchanges.” euler circuit calculator RT @natsfert: NEW in #MorningCannabis: a meeting held by @SenSchumer on Wednesday w/other Dems floated putting forth a SAFE Banking, HOPE and GRAM Acts package ...Former President Donald Trump ’s chopped-up “word salad” was on exceptional display at his Texas rally Saturday before he floated the possibility of pardoning insurrectionists if reelected — and critics couldn’t say enough about it. He complained at one memorable point in his long-winded speech: “They censor, cancel and persecute ...